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One homepage that gathers your web accounts, to log in to them in one click
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Never see a password again: Ease logs you in automatically in 1 click

Chill & save time on the web: Ease saves you around 55 hours per year, as well as countless worries

Access your web from anywhere: Your Ease space is accessible the same way from any computer

Find all your accounts easily: Ease centralizes them, even the ones using a connection with facebook, linkedin...


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1 click login to your websites
Management of several accounts on a website
Automatic password updates
Customize regarding your needs
Available on chrome and safari
Log out from all your accounts in 1 click
Secured info with AES-128 and Bcrypt
Share accounts & credentials in your team
Integrating accounts connected with facebook, linkedin...

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"At IESEG School of management, our students are always connected to various tools: calendar, elearning, mail, etc. Ease allowed a centralisation of the accounts and an easier access."

Jean Philippe Ammeux

Directeur de IESEG School of Management

"I have multiple Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and I need to switch between them often. Ease connects me to the right one instantly."

Alice Zagury

CEO de TheFamily

"I use Ease to access my web from anywhere ! I use it at work or when I travel and I don't have my computer with me."

Clémentine Prud’homme

Etudiante à l’EDHEC

"Ease allows me to use my computer like I use my smartphone: I got apps on my homepage, I click and I am connected !"

Jean-Batiste Roux

Account Manager à Barnebys

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